Use the power of sound! Get on a personal level with the visitor and make history come alive through interaction and play.

Skjermbilde 2016-08-24 kl. 22.15.09

A poetry-chair

At the end of Norway’s southernmost exercise track, we built this.

A poetry-chair, aslo called «The listening station».  It has become a treasured spot for contemplation, for listening, for enjoying the horizon and generally feeling good.

It is a chair reciting Norwegian poetry (in English or Norwegian). The visitors can choose, via their mobile phones, what they want to hear. It’s a different experience in the wind and weather, with the horizon as a backdrop.



The Stockholm archipelago

The brief:  Digital guides on four sites in the Stockholm archipelago. Three of them powered by solar panels. Quiz and local WiFi-network but also QR-code along a path.

Ordered by: «Skärgårdsstiftelsen«. Laterna Vox program the html-content, deliver the technology and install the guides.

Finished 2016.

More about this project!


The Hymenoptera hotel

The brief:  Produce a digital guide about hymenoptera. Mats Wilhelm talks about Hymenoptera at the museum Biotopia in Uppsala, Sweden. Laterna Vox produced films, programmed the html-content, delivered the technology and installed it. The museum also chose to have QR-codes and short url (web-address) for those who want to use their own internet connection.

The Guide:

Finished May 2016.

Skjermbilde 2016-08-29 kl. 14.32.20


Visitors commenting on the digital guide at The Butterfly Trail, Biotopia:

“Great addition to the written signs.”

“The digital guide worked as a human guide. More engaging than the signs.”

«Great idea, Great view.» From the digital guestbook at Rundemanen Bergen, Norway.

Other projects:

A guide to the Butterfly-trail.

It is possible to produce a quiz in our cms. We have done quizzes about Snow, Weather, Butterflies, the Archipelago and the Vindel River.