Use the power of sound! Get on a personal level with the visitor and make history come alive through interaction and play.

We develop technical solutions and produce media content.


The Vindel River

The brief: Production of a digital guide, LaternaGuide at two sites along the river.

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A talking bench

The brief: To produce technology for a talking bench. It is situated at the town square in Köping, Sweden. Stories will are told in different languages. The visitors choose what to listen to via their mobile phones.

Ordered by: The municipality of Köping

Finished 2017.

Skjermbilde 2016-08-24 kl. 22.15.09

A poetry-chair

At the end of Norway’s southernmost exercise track, we built this.

A poetry-chair, aslo called «The listening station».  It has become a treasured spot for contemplation, for listening, for enjoying the horizon and generally feeling good.

It is a chair reciting Norwegian poetry (in English or Norwegian). The visitors can choose, via their mobile phones, what they want to hear. It’s a different experience in the wind and weather, with the horizon as a backdrop.



The Stockholm archipelago

The brief:  Digital guides on four sites in the Stockholm archipelago. Three of them powered by solar panels. Quiz and local WiFi-network but also QR-code along a path.

Ordered by: «Skärgårdsstiftelsen«. Laterna Vox program the html-content, deliver the technology and install the guides.

Finished 2016.

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The Hymenoptera hotel

The brief:  Produce a digital guide about hymenoptera. Mats Wilhelm talks about Hymenoptera at the museum Biotopia in Uppsala, Sweden. Laterna Vox produced films, programmed the html-content, delivered the technology and installed it. The museum also chose to have QR-codes and short url (web-address) for those who want to use their own internet connection.

The Guide:

Finished May 2016.


The Birkenhead Park

The brief: to produce a digital pod guide. We deliver technology and do the html-programming. Content produced by the Birkenhead Park.

Skjermbilde 2016-08-25 kl. 10.38.21

An audio guide

The brief:  Produce an audioguide in english and german to «Stiftelsen Arkivet» in Kristiansand, Norway.

The guide is produced in our own, cms (Content Management System). Access to the audio guide via the internet and QR-codes.

Skjermbilde 2016-08-29 kl. 14.32.20


Visitors commenting on the digital guide at The Butterfly Trail, Biotopia:

“Great addition to the written signs.”

“The digital guide worked as a human guide. More engaging than the signs.”

«Great idea, Great view.» From the digital guestbook at Rundemanen Bergen, Norway.


Our own PCB

Development: We make it simple, small and energy efficient. The technology is assembled in to a box, which can be placed outdoors and powered by solar panels.

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Earlier projects

10 000 years at 12 minutes; An audio guide to the museum Biotopia,  sound to four sites in Uppsala, here mixed to one. It is a travel in time, told in swedish.

Other projects:

Digital guide for «Länsstyrelsen i Jämtland»  Sonfjällets nationalpark.

Sound and stories for the «Telegraph cottage» in Ny Ålesund, Svalbard.


A guide to the Butterfly-trail.

It is possible to produce a quiz in our cms. We have done quizzes about Snow, Weather, Butterflies, the Archipelago and the Vindel River.

Skjermbilde 2016-08-29 kl. 14.31.43

Some of the guides are available at: and

m Rundemanen, Bergen, Laterna Vox installing a digital guide to the Norwegian Telemuseum.